About CCN

The Contemporary Crafts Network was formed in 1988 by Kate Naylor-High in Lincolnshire. Originally called Lincolnshire and Humberside Contemporary Crafts, the group aimed to form a self-supporting exhibiting group.

Over time the number of members grew to 25 and in 1997 Lincolnshire and Humberside disbanded as a regional arts board, this paved the way for the group to broaden its catchment area and re name themselves as the Contemporary Crafts Network.

Meetings are held regularly and are more than just business meetings to plan exhibitions and events; they form a vessel for valuable interaction for artists and makers to discuss and exchange knowledge, experience and ideas.

The present group consists of 25 members with specialists in the fields of ceramics, sculpture, felt work, weaving, textiles, silver, gold, jewellery, blown and Kiln formed glass, paper, wood and furniture and mixed media.

The group has achieved notable success and exhibited across both the East Midlands and Europe.

Places such as: The Pearoom Centre for Contemporary Crafts, The Usher Gallery, The Ropewalk Gallery, The Hub and Sam Scorer Gallery, in the East Midlands

In Europe: Lincoln Rheinland Pfalz Exchange, Germany, Applied Arts Museum, Tallinn, Estonia, Applied Arts Museum, and Archangel, Russia.