About Jeanette Killner MA

Jeanette Killner’s work revolves around her interests in textiles, fashion, costume, and using recycled materials in a variety of techniques. At present she is predominantly using aluminium drinks cans to depict details of historic and contemporary costume, fabric and accessories. This area of work has developed from her MA studies which she completed in 2005, having originally studied for a degree in textile design in 1974.

Jeanette tries to use both surfaces of the cans to introduce colour into the work, as well as incorporating wire, beads and other found objects. In general the work is wall-hung and small in scale (approx. 8” square), with prices ranging from £50 – £200. However, for specific commissions these can be joined to create larger pieces or made to incorporate into furniture.

Jeanette has been a member of CCN since its early days, and also teaches at Lincoln College of Art and Design.