About Kate Sell

Self taught in the art of mosaic, I specialise in producing individually commissioned handmade mosaic art & mirrors that enhance the design and beauty of your home & garden, each mirror reflecting the changes of the seasons making your mirror come alive with movement and colour.

How do you fill a shady spot in a garden?

That was the problem which launched me on my chosen career path. From my background in retail display and visual merchandising, I knew plants were not the answer ~ it needed to be something that reflected the light yet made a statement.

There was nothing suitable on the market so I decided to make something myself. My inspiration came from a mosaic project in a gardening magazine, lots of scrap stained glass, from an evening class in the art of stained glass and my love of poppies. This combination has resulted in a striking mosaic mirror that has brought a shady corner of my garden to life.

My commissions have incorporated floral & abstract designs using opaque stained glass and recycled mirror.