Lynn Baker

Studio and architectural glass

About Lynn Baker

I am a designer and maker of hand-blown and kiln formed glass. I am a graduate of the International Glass Centre and the University of Lincoln.

I am passionate about glass. When in its molten state I can blow, stretch, bend and form it in many ways. After annealing, the finished object has such distinctive and unique properties that I cannot obtain using any other material. Working with glass allows me to express my exploration of the themes ‘movement’ and ‘change’ in exciting ways.

Much of my inspiration comes from the Lincolnshire Wolds and coastline, an area of outstanding natural beauty where I live and work. I regularly walk and cycle around my local area in all weathers. I am fascinated by its ever-changing light and mood. Every day is different. It is this constant change and forward motion that I try to capture in my work. I take a panorama or series of photographs along with sketches of my chosen subject. Before giving consideration to the glass I develop my designs through a wide variety of drawing and model making.