About Steve Cook

Born near Leeds, my chosen career path lead me through an art and design Foundation course, degree studies in 3 D Design (ceramics) at Loughborough College of Art, then to post-graduate study at De Montfort University Leicester. This route included work in the commercial and studio ceramics industries.

My career employment has been in art and design in both the secondary and further education sector. This was at a time of the shift from peripheral subject to its recognition as a diverse wealth creation field. I started by teaching art and completed delivering computer animation and film special effects.

My creative work relies initially on observational drawing, both formal and expressive with themes chosen to reflect the transient, impermanent, cursory aspects of our surroundings; rain, shadows, and light.

I would describe my work as multi-material, exploring technological possibilities through natural and applied colour, space, scale, and proportion. Currently, am using techniques associated with marquetry. I laminate, assemble, cut and recut, then assemble and reassemble the material. This further enhances the beautiful intricate patterns reflecting the nature of the material.

There is just something about wood you want to touch.